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Metropolitan Diary-Style Christmas Letter

Here is a great example of a diary-style Christmas letter. Thanks to Sara J. for sending this in. Sara prints her Christmas letter in a two-column format as shown in the illustration. Some sample diary entries are reprinted below.



Dear Diary,

Now that Zoe is six years old her questions about the world are getting more difficult to answer. For example, the question of the day today was, "Mom, what is the difference between a swamp, a marsh and a bog?" That was a stumper. Luckily we live in the age of Google... In two seconds (practically) I had the following perfect answer:

"A swamp is a seasonally flooded bottomland with more woody plants than a marsh and better drainage than a bog."

My only concern is, if she's asking these kind of questions at 6, what will I do when she's 10 or 16? Or 7, for that matter?


Dear Diary,

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Sophia comes out of Bible Class with her “I am Thankful…” craft. Topping the list in position one is BARBIES. At number 2 : TV. Three is Papi. Last, but hey, at least I made the list, Mommy.


How reassuring to know that we are effectively communicating our values to our daughters.




And I was worried.


Dear Diary,
I’m working my weekly Saturday night at Williams-Sonoma. A couple comes into the store to buy a $30 knife and the manager I’m working with, Kent, helps them out. While he’s taking the knife out of the display case he says, “You know, for only $300 more you could get an entire set.” They buy the knife set and an espresso machine… and end up spending almost $600.


Kent tells me the story after the couple has left with their purchases.


“So Kent,” I’m supposed to be able to say ‘You know, for only $300 more…” with a straight face?


He laughs. I laugh.


I go home. I practice in front of the mirror, “You know, for only $300 more…” I laugh at myself. Please.


So a few Saturday nights later, after Kent’s famous line has become legend with all of the Associates in the store, Kent and I are back at

work. It is 9:25pm. The store closes at 9:30 and there are no customers in the store and haven’t been for half an hour. I run in the back to start cleaning up the kitchen and when I come back

out on the floor – all of five minutes later – I see a woman walking out of the store with a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer box.


“Kent, did you just sell a Mixer?” I ask rather surprised.

“Yah,” he says, “this woman came in for a red spatula and I said, ‘You know, for only $300 more you could get a matching Mixer…”



At the bottom of Sara's annual Christmas letter, she includes the following note (which I've modified to take out the personal information):


All submissions to the Stoneleigh Diary must be submitted by individuals whose surname is Smith and who possess a current mailing address of 123 Main Street, West Newton, Massachusetts. Please be advised that any and all submissions become the property of the Editor and will not be returned. Due to the shortcomings of our editorial board this quirky publication will fulfill the position previously occupied by the Christmas Letter.


Great example! Thanks, Sarah!




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