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Instant Christmas Story Generator

If you've read all our Christmas letter writing tips and still feel stumped, or don't have time to write your own creative Christmas letter, we can help! Simply select a Christmas story, fill in the blanks, and click "Create" when you're done. Your story will appear in a new window so you can copy and paste it into any word processing program and print it on your own Christmas stationery.


(Important Note: This site uses javascript to create the Santa letters. If you have javascript suppressed or a pop-up blocker turned on, you will not get any results. We promise nothing bad will happen if you allow javascript or pop-ups from our site, but you don't have to take our word for it. Ask McAfee Site Advisor.)



To get started, choose a Christmas letter:

Elves at the North Pole
(an all-purpose Christmas letter)


Ghost of Christmas Present
(an all-purpose Christmas letter)

Angels Watching Over Us

(good for parents with children)

The Elf Interview

(good for single people or families)

The Crash-Landed Reindeer
(a Christmas letter for a year when everything has gone wrong)


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